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About forgeathon

As a market leader in carrier-grade rich messaging and engagement services, and providing APIs and SDKs which create today’s richest apps, Acision is organising an online challenge, so you can access and build apps with the latest communication features.

the objective:
Do you have a GREAT idea for an app? Do you want to prototype it? Just submit an application or service using the forge by Acision SDK and be part of the forgathon challenge.

the technology:
The forge by Acision SDK allows you to easily deploy real-time, secure communications, messaging, HD voice & video, chat and presence capabilities to new and existing Android, iOS and web apps.

The WebRTC technology offers a seamless, secure, low-latency service that can be used for apps dealing with customer relations, call centres, education, training, health care, banking, finance, travel and entertainment - in fact, anything of your choosing which helps benefit the world.

the time:
You have SIX weeks to complete the challenge and submit your app or service, along with a video to showcase how your app works and its benefits to the consumer.

the rules:
To access the full set of terms and conditions to enter forgeathon, please click here.



An all-expenses paid trip to showcase your winning app at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain on 2nd – 5th March 2015.

An all-expenses paid trip to showcase your winning app at SXSW Interactive, in Austin Texas on 13th – 17th March 2015.

Free publicity and introductions to leading influencers and investors.

  • 2nd and 3rd PRIZES

    A drone

    Free access to the forge by Acision SDK for 1 year

    Free publicity

Entrants must be available to attend one of both events in order to be applicable to take part in the challenge. Read the Rules for more information


forgeathon goes live!

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